Campus. Community. Career.

Career Connect experiences give students the opportunity to work with a community partner towards a mutually beneficial goal.  Connect experiences include internships, volunteer work, research projects, study abroad trips, etc. Every UNT student already experiences these activities during their time here. Once students complete a Connect experience, their skills are evaluated and then they get the chance to write a reflection to help understand the skills they're building - all to prepare them for future job interviews, career fairs and their professional life.

Employers say they want to hire critical thinkers with communication skills that work well on a team. Career Connect experiences help you advance and document these skills. Using the new UNT Connect e-portfolio, Career Connect makes it easier to collect these experiences, connect students to the community to gain skills that go beyond their classroom work, and showcase those skills to employers.

For the university, Career Connect strengthens UNT's commitment to educational excellence and relies on the strong support faculty and staff already give our students to develop the skills students need to excel in graduate school or stand-out as a top job candidate in the workforce.

Connect can be achieved in a variety of ways, meaning students can take advantage of the experiences that best suit their needs and faculty or staff can incorporate UNT Career Connect in their classroom in a variety of ways, including:

Class internships Non-credit internships Study Abroad
Service learning projects Capstone experiences, courses, and projects Course projects
Volunteer projects Co-curricular activities, such as student groups Research endeavors
Student employment Virtual collaboration Creative endeavors

Click here to see examples of existing Career Connect projects.  New experiences are being added every day, so if you have an idea for an Connect activity and would like to discuss it with one of our team members, fill out our Project Idea form.