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UNT Career Connect promotes university-wide engagement by placing students, faculty, staff, and communities in reciprocal partnerships that promote specific learning outcomes. Connect gives students experiences that enhance learning and build communication, critical thinking and teamwork skills -- all important qualities desired by employers.

Many UNT students already experience these activities during their time here. UNT Career Connect makes it easier to collect these experiences, connect students to the community to gain skills that go beyond their classroom work, and showcase those skills to employers.


Lauren Hardgraves gained experience through volunteer work.Lauren Hardgraves, left, planned and organized the construction of a new playground in an internship with Serve Denton."Development Family Studies can really take you anywhere and I wanted my focus to be on community engagement," Lauren says. "Exactly how I give back to the community, I wasn't sure about. Through Serve Denton, I'm able to connect to people I didn't even know existed in Denton, who are doing things I never knew they did."

Hear more about Lauren's experience, how she helped Serve Denton and why community partnerships such as these are important to UNT and our students.

Career Connect strengthens UNT's commitment to educational excellence and relies on the strong support faculty and staff already give our students to develop the skills students need to excel in graduate school or stand-out as a top job candidate in the workforce.

For Students:  Provides students with learning experiences outside of the classroom and helps them build the communication, critical thinking and teamwork skills that employers want and need.  Students will collect, connect and showcase their experiences in an e-portfolio they can share with employers and graduate schools.

For FacultySupports faculty in helping students make meaningful connections between experiences and academics.

For Staff:  Goes beyond the classroom to co-curricular, volunteer and student employment activities, giving staff more opportunities to support student learning.

For Our Community:  Relies on community partners, who in turn benefit from work done by students.


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Our mission: UNT Career Connect will engage students through action-based experiential learning in the context of communities - public or private sector - in order to develop communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.