Campus. Community. Career.

Campus. Community. Career.

What is Career Connect? Employers say they want to hire critical thinkers with communication skills that work well on a team. While at UNT, students have a variety of opportunities to advance and document these skills both in the classroom and through co-curricular activities- such as internships, volunteer work, research projects, study abroad trips, performances, etc. Career Connect helps faculty, staff, and students integrate our ePortfolio to connect these experiences to the important skills they developed like communication, teamwork and critical thinking - preparing students with marketable skills for careers and graduate degrees. 

Why an ePortfolio? When students, faculty, and staff leverage the UNT Connect ePortfolio to support these experiences, it amplifies their impact. The ePortfolio makes it easier to collect evidence from these experiences, showcase student artifacts, share their outcomes, and validate marketable skillsets. The Career Connect ePortfolio provides a next generation resource for students to document and share their real world experience as well as showcase their verified skills. This resource is free for all UNT students and access to this platform stays with all students who graduate from UNT for life.

New for 2017-2018 Academic Year: Career Connect demonstrates UNT's commitment to educational excellence, giving students a competitive advantage by developing, assessing, and credentialing the skills students need to excel moving forward. With the skills badging initiative, students can now earn digital badges when they successfully demonstrate these skills through faculty, staff, or community member standardized assessments. These badges are an important evidence record of skills that can be shown in the ePortfolio, shared on Linked-In, or used as part of graduate school and employment applications. The badges will also become an important component of a digital extended transcript that UNT is building.

Examples of some of these experiential learning activities include: 

Class internships

Non-credit internships

Study Abroad

Service learning projects

Capstone experiences

Course projects

Volunteer projects

Student groups

Research endeavors

Student employment

Virtual collaboration

Creative endeavors

Click here to see examples of existing Career Connect projects.  New experiences are being added every day, so if you have an idea for an Connect activity and would like to discuss it with one of our team members, fill out our Project Idea form.