Creating UNT Career Connect

The University's Quality Enhancement Plan - QEP

UNT is evaluated for reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) every 10 years. On December 6, 2016 we received word that we would be reaffirmed for accreditation until 2026. There are two main parts of reaccreditation:

  • The Compliance Certification Report, an assessment of UNT’s compliance with core requirements, comprehensive standards and federal requirements of the Commission on Colleges
  • The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a five-year plan that enhances student learning throughout the entire university

The process for selecting UNT's Quality Enhancement Plan, UNT Career Connect, started in 2013 when initial planning conversations were held with faculty and staff. A QEP Leadership Team was established in fall 2013 and included students, faculty, staff and external community partners. The team was tasked with gathering information from the entire university community to find out what those at UNT and those who partner with UNT would like for a QEP.

From fall 2013 to spring 2014, ideas were solicited and topics narrowed down while the QEP leadership team researched UNT’s areas of needs based on data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. UNT Career Connect was chosen at UNT's QEP in fall 2014.

Initial ideas

In the beginning, UNT's QEP website detailed ways that the university community could get involved in the conversation about the plan.

The QEP Leadership Team also began to immediately connect with individuals and groups across campus. Following discussions across campus and a call for submissions in November 2013, the QEP Leadership Team received 300 responses from students, faculty and staff regarding what they would like to see as UNT's QEP. Team members sorted those into topic clusters.

Short proposals

In early spring 2014, the QEP Leadership Team again visited with student, faculty and staff groups to determine which topic clusters most interested the university community. A call for short proposal submissions was also made, with the team noting that the proposals must meet the criteria for a Quality Enhancement Plan.

More than 40 short proposals were submitted. Many of the proposals were similar and the proposal writers were encouraged to work together and consolidate ideas in a long proposal.

Long proposals

Five long proposals were submitted to the QEP Leadership Team by May 2014. Of these five, only four met the criteria for a Quality Enhancement Plan. After a campus-wide evaluation process, UNT Career Connect was chosen as the university's QEP.

The QEP will engage students through action-based experiential learning in the context of communities - public or private sector - in order to develop communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

The plan strengthens UNT's commitment to educational excellence by allowing students to gain valuable career experience while learning. This is already being done in a number of ways at the university - including both curricular and co-curricular activities - but this plan will expand it to ensure that every student has the opportunity to connect their valuable learning experiences.

The plan gives students more opportunities to interact with the surrounding community, solve problems and strengthen their critical thinking and communication skills. An exciting component of the QEP will be the use of an e-portfolio system that allows students to collect, connect, and showcase the evidence of learning from a student’s curricular AND co-curricular real-world experiences that build the skills. 

Pilot projects took place in spring 2016 and the QEP officially launched in fall 2016. More than 40 activities have been initiated in the QEP’s inaugural semester.

For more detail on about the overall process and selection, check out our archives page.