For Faculty

Career Connect can help set up, execute, and assess community based course work.


Many Connect activities are already happening with students, faculty, staff, and the community.  UNT Career Connect is built to support faculty and staff in existing and new work that provides opportunities to further develop these mutually beneficial relationships and students engaged in real-life, community engaged work.

Integrating Career Connect into your community based course can help you in many ways:

  • The e-portfolio can help you easily document and assess your students' projects.
  • The e-portfolio's project templates allow you to provide explicit content expectations for your students' work as well as store and launch student presentations from one central location.
  • The Career Connect team is comprised of specialists in the e-portfolio, community resources, faculty support, and assessment that are willing and able to assist you in integrating Career Connect without significantly adding to your workload. 
  • Through participation in Career Connect, it is easier to share and celebrate exemplary work your students produce under your guidance.
  • Career Connect can help drive registration in your course by designating it in the catalogue as community based, this helps students quickly identify courses that will help them get and prove real world experiences.

Career Connect will benefit your students in several ways:

  • Documenting engaged learning activities in the e-portfolio and focusing on learning outcomes for communication, critical thinking, and team work will help our students connect these ideas to skills needed in their careers, including careers that involve graduate school as their next logical step. Connecting curricular and co-curricular learning activities will add value to both.
  • The e-portfolio documents skills that help a student remember when they learned and what they learned, when they are filling out graduate school applications or work applications, sometimes years after they engaged in the engaged learning experiences, described on an old syllabus or reference letter.
  • The e-portfolio yields tangible “talking points” on how and when a student applied learning in “field situations” and how the student changed after getting this constructive feedback from an engaged experience with a member of the community that the student wished to help.
  • The student gets to discuss how they have “made a difference in a real world situation” while going to college, providing a rich set of experiences that the student will remember UNT, their engaged community experience, and get a “leg up” to the next stage of their life (including their careers).

 If you are, or will, teach a course that integrates community experiences and would like to discuss with our team, please fill out our Project Idea form and we will follow up with you.

Key elements of a Career Connect activity include working with a community partner towards a product or outcome that benefits both parties. The critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills that students develop during these activities will be showcased in their e-portfolio. Examples of community-engaged, high-impact activities include:

Class internships

Non-credit internships

Study Abroad

Service learning projects

Capstone experiences

Course projects

Volunteer projects

Student groups

Research endeavors

Student employment

Virtual collaboration

Creative endeavors

 Click here to see examples of existing Career Connect projects. 

If you have specific questions contact the Career Connect Faculty and Staff Development Coordinator, Meena Naik at