For the Community

Career Connect can help you leverage the talented student body at UNT!


Welcome to Career Connect! We work to promote fruitful community engagement by connecting students, faculty, staff, and you, the community, in mutually beneficial partnerships. The team works across all units of the university, academic and non-academic, focusing on genuine student community engagement to build marketable skills we can measure, collect, and showcase as well as provide valuable services to community host sites.

We believe the roughly 37,000 students at the university are an under-utilized resource. We also know we can do a better job at facilitating community opportunities for our students and are commited to do just that. For some of you, we have established, successful, reciprocal partnerships and we want to maintain or even grow. For others, any number of issues have likely prevented such a relationship with a department, student group, faculty, or staff member, but we are dedicated to expanding our capacity to effectively identify and facilitate a more inclusive array of mutually beneficial opportunities for our students in the community.

Key elements of a Career Connect activity include working with a community partner towards a product or outcome that benefits both parties. Some examples of what these community-engaged, high-impact activities can look like are... 

Class internships

Non-credit internships

Study Abroad

Service learning projects

Capstone experiences

Course projects

Volunteer projects

Student groups

Research endeavors

Student employment

Virtual collaboration

Creative endeavors

Click here to see specific examples of some existing Career Connect projects from the categories above.

Interested in working with students? If you have an idea for an activity and would like to discuss it with one of our team members, fill out our Project Idea form. Or if you have questions about a potential collaboration then contact our Community & Service Learning Coordintor, Sam Williamson at 940.369.6174 or