Connect E-Portfolio

Set yourself apart with the Career Connect e-portfolio. 

The Connect e-portfolio gives you the tools and opportunities to connect your experiences on campus and in your community to showcase the skills you build as you participate in these activities. From day one, every UNT student should be making the important connections between the many experiences and opportunities that are available. The Connect e-portfolio is designed to help you do that by allowing you to collect, connect, and showcase your skills!

You may add any number of projects or experiences that you would like to the e-portfolio. We focus on Career Connect experiences to showcase your skills, but you are able to build your e-portfolio in the way that best showcases your work and builds your personal brand. Any experience which can be verified by a supervisor is eligible to become a Career Connect experience (internship, volunteering, etc.). If you would like to submit one of your experiences as a Career Connect eligible experience, you may do so through the self-submission process. Instructions for this process may be found in the video below. 

In order to follow the process in the video, you will need the following code: 6bbfff1.

For the Spring 2017 semester, all UNT students have access to the Connect e-portfolio. This will provide all students with an important tool to help document the college experiences and help create their online identity to provide evidence of skills for employers.   

You will find a link to the Connect e-Portfolio in the center of your main page when you log into MyUNT. You will use your EUID and password to access the e-Portfolio system. Once you are in the system you will be able to create your identity page. Click here to see sample pages and for tips on how to get started!

The system will ask you to initial and agree to an EULA. Once completed, you will have full access to your e-Portfolio. From that point forward, you will not have to resubmit your username and password. You will gain access to your e-Portfolio by clicking on the link in MyUNT. Our e-Portfolio partner is Foliotek.  You have access to the e-portfolio as long as you are an enrolled UNT student, and lifetime access after you graduate from UNT!

If you have questions about how to use the e-portfolio, you may contact Foliotek’s help line at 888.365.4639 or  You can also find support materials and videos by choosing the help features in the e-portfolio.

If you have questions about accessing the e-portfolio please contact Adam Wear, the Career Connect E-portfolio Coordinator, at to learn more.