For Staff

Career Connect can help you set up, execute, and assess community based projects and events.


Many activities are already happening with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Beginning Fall 2016, UNT Career Connect will provide opportunities to further develop these mutually beneficial relationships.

The UNT Career Connect office will serve staff in several ways:

  • Help staff that wish to add community engagement elements or e-portfolio documentation elements to their programs.  
  • Help staff manage (maybe find) community partners that could benefit their programs and activities.
  • Be a resource for staff to use to get some help to enhance or extend existing career connect eligible experiences.
  • Be a resource for staff as they assess student learning outcomes by supporting processes, technologies, and best practices.

Key elements of a Career Connect activity include working with a community partner towards a product or outcome that benefits both parties. The critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills that students develop during these activities will be showcased in their e-portfolio. Examples of community-engaged, high-impact activities include: 

Class internships

Non-credit internships

Study Abroad

Service learning projects

Capstone experiences

Course projects

Volunteer projects

Student groups

Research endeavors

Student employment

Virtual collaboration

Creative endeavors

Click here to see examples of existing Career Connect projects. If you have an idea for an activity and would like to discuss it with one of our team members, fill out our Project Idea form.