For Students

Get hands on, prove it, and get the job!


Career Connect makes your time spent in college worth more than having a degree. We help you link your learning experiences from school and community partners to develop three necessary skills that employers are actively looking for: communication, critical thinking and teamwork. Career Connect helps you summarize your progress to connect you with future employers. 

College is all about preparing you for success. The more work you put into your time at UNT, the more confident and capable you become throughout your career. Career Connect provides you with opportunities to engage in the community to build sought after skills. 

Career Connect helps you engage with faculty and community members who have access to internships, volunteer projects and other skill-building activities. You will also get the chance to use your own e-Portfolio to track the skills you are gaining by reflecting on your experiences.  With the e-portfolio, you are able to showcase the interesting stories and important skills for employers and graduate schools. Throughout your time with Career Connect, you can earn achievements and build credentials based on your activities inside and outside of the classroom. By the time you graduate, you will have a collection of real-world experiences that result in marketable skills for any career you choose.

Key elements of a Career Connect activity include working with a community partner towards a product or outcome that benefits both parties. The critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills that students develop during these activities will be showcased in their e-portfolio. Examples of community-engaged, high-impact activities include: 

Class internships

Non-credit internships

Study Abroad

Service learning projects

Capstone experiences

Course projects

Volunteer projects

Student groups

Research endeavors

Student employment

Virtual collaboration

Creative endeavors